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i'm going to get this started by saying "OMG my state is blue!!!" the last time my state was blue, neither of my parents were old enough to vote (dad had just turned 18, but voting age was 21 then). even with the damned electoral college, my vote counted, and that my friends is freaking awesome. a related very neat story? one of my cousins, who lives in kentucky, knowing that her state was hopelessly red, did volunteer work calling people in indiana to help us be blue.

speaking of cousins, one of mine is dead. tuesday morning, just about the time i was getting out of bed, a guy who grew up just around the corner called my dad because he read in the paper that my cousin died. we bought a paper to confirm and also called the uncle who did not spawn the dead cousin to see what he knew about it. c.o.d.: cirrhosis of the liver. thanks to the obit, we also found out that his little brother is dead. the younger one is not technically my cousin because they're half brothers (although there's speculation about that within my immediate family because dude looks way more like my uncle that he does his dad). checked the internet and his c.o.d. was a "contact gunshot wound to the head." don't know if it was suicide or murder or what, but still odd.

also, i owe you an update on the book project, and hope to get to that very soon.


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