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since i was off work today, too

so, a few weeks ago my brother was complaining that he hasn't been able to afford to eat out recently, and i took pity on him and told him that the next time i had a tuesday off i'd take he and amy out for a burrito combo. it was ridiculously crowded and loud, and we sat at the very last empty table. because of the noise level i think it was an honest mistake that when the waitress asked him if he wanted another margarita and he said, "no, just a glass of water" she brought him another margarita and a glass of water. the sour cream and guacamole was a different story. i'm 99.98% sure that the reason they ask you every time you order something if you want sour cream or guacamole is that it's free. after all, she didn't charge me for the sour cream he said he didn't want but she brought him anyway. i'm pretty sure the reason i was charged for his guacamole, and double charged for amy's sour cream and guacamole is that the waitress entered it in the computer wrong when she logged the order. so, i'll admit that had a noticeable negative effect on her tip. not the full $3.25 i was charged for free condiments, but noticeable.

that's not the point of this post, though. the point is that after dinner, when i was going to buy them gas because they didn't think about the fact that they didn't have enough to drive here and back for free dinner, the idea was mentioned that i could go back with them and come back today. since i was off work today too, we did it (the other half of we being the fuzzy frank). so i got to see the large areas of dirt that will be the vegetable gardens once the teeny tiny green things grow into actual plants, and i got to meet sammy jenkins, the newest addition to their household. she's pretty darn cute, all white with a brown face. she does have this weird ocd thing about toys, so she spent the entire morning out in the yard by herself because she refused to stop playing ball until he practically dragged her inside when he was leaving to bring me home.

other highlight include: sleeping for shit because i move around a fair bit in my sleep which was prevented by the fact that monk was sleeping on my back, ass, legs, and so forth, depending the time in question. we also payed a visit to his friend who lives across town where i got a free bonsai pot that dusty was going to sell at a yard sale for 50 cents, and i got to see paco, reggie and louie (but not their new dog sammy, because he's shy and hid in the laundry room). plus, i got to pet the very cute stray kitty that they've been feeding which dusty has decided to call "boo boo kitty fuck".

speaking of random movie references, you know there's still one quote left. if you can guess what it is, you should do that, especially of you're one of the two people currently tied for most correct identifications, because the prize i bought was the last one, and any second prize i got wouldn't be as cool.


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boo boo kitty fuck? hahahaha

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