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good monday

so monday i had to go back to the orthopedist for another follow up on my foot. i'm still pretty sure the doctor is under the mistaken impression that i'm a minor. not only does he call my "kiddo" he tends to address a fair dose of my care instructions to my mother. i know this amuses me, but i can't decide if it bothers me. i know that i apparently don't look my age, but most people guess i'm in my early to mid 20s, not my late teens. i know i bring my mother with me to my appointments, but even if i could drive, i couldn't do it with a giant boot on, so i'd have to have someone there with me. being single, wouldn't my mother be a logical choice to con into it even at 27, or if you go by appearance 22-24? also, my birth date, including year, is clearly printed on the front of my file.

anyway, the good news is, i'm cleared to de-boot. he wants me to wear an air splint for a while, just to make sure i don't roll my ankle again while the bone is so freshly healed and vulnerable. i'm not actually doing that right now since the inside of the air splint is the kind of plastic that sticks to bare skin. until i get a chance to go buy a long sock to protect my leg, i'm wearing the boot to work and just my pull-on brace around the house.

after the doctor's visit, frank and took a nap on the love seat before i went grocery shopping and then to work. since someone decided to document that, i thought i'd share.


Blogger EvilDucky77 said...

Very cute picture! Congrats on the bootlessness :D

7/15/2009 10:58 AM

Blogger norahs1213 said...

Frank looks like he's about to fall off...

7/24/2009 11:33 AM


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