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two in one day! it's a miracle

so i realized it had been forever since i checked my sitemeter. of course then i decided i should, and as it was marginally interesting, i thought i'd tell you all about it.

we've got one more person looking to cheat on a bmv eye exam, which i so do not get. i mean, really, if you can't handle the eye exam, please do not drive. get some glasses, take the bus, but don't drive.

also got a handful of hits about my great love, the empty firehouses of this town. this always makes me happy because i feel like maybe i helped somebody learn something about something awesome. which would be a great thing, since i know i'm not holding up to the real purpose of this blog most the time, which is being entertaining and informative to my friends. on a similar note i also had few hits related to the awesome book i got about the fire department from my equally awesome friends for my last birthday.

otherwise all of my interesting search hits were from the various quotes from the movie meme i did a while back. mostly these were for the one from blazing saddles about dimes, but i also had one each for o brother, where art thou?, delores claiborne, and the changeling.



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