yours and mine -- procrastination rules!



alright, well, all i have to say, other than i had a blast, is that progress is going well on the awesome cross-stitch pattern of a frank lloyd wright window, even though it turned out to be more complicated than it looked. and the chart gives the web address of the company that makes it, so i could get more if i wanted to, including stuff they didn't have in the gift shop.

also, this blog would be so much better if i owned a digital camera, since it would be kind of silly for me to post pictures taken by my cohorts, most of whom have their own blogs to post said pictures on anyway.



i was there...

and several other cool places to boot. i spent 4 days in chicago recently when myself and 4 friends went up to visit j-dog and her husband. we didn't do half the stuff we were planning to, let alone any of the stuff we were going to try to squeeze in there if we had time, but a good time was had by all (unless someone is hiding it well).

so, the trip got me thinking, my friends have done pretty well in the husband finding department. i mean, they've got themselves some pretty nice guys. sure, there's the recently rectified situation of evilducky's brit (who seemed nice enough, proving that things aren't always as they seem), but he never really fit in anyway. it's nice to be able to say that unless we're talking about an all girl occasion (bachelorette party, happy divorce celebration, etc.), i can't see myself being sorry that my good friend brought a spouse to the party.

i get the impression that sometimes when people get married it causes problems with friends, like some man has stolen their friend and is monopolizing her time, but instead my friends found awesome, fun guys and gatherings really can be the more the merrier. how many people can say that their friend came home and found them in the living room with her husband, playing video games?

i can't seem to make this come across quite right, but if you're reading this, and we hang out on a regular basis, and you have a husband, thanks for picking out a good one, the rest of us are grateful. not that we would expect you to marry some humorless ass, but still.

also, it's official, i got the apathetic one's job now that she not my co-worker anymore. although, i'm still counting moneys on weekends and vacations.



i thought of other news

so, did you know my brother doesn't work at the hotel anymore? yep. it turns out that his new boss (his old boss' boss) is an ass. he was already trying to do his job, cover shifts for a bartender who had just quit, and try to find time to interview people to be a bartender and weekend night auditor (to replace the one who had moved up to during the week after that one had quit already). plus he had one desk clerk who was out for injuries from a car wreck, and another about to go on maternity leave. and then his whole staff starting turning in two week notices hand over fist after the boss had a particularly asshole-y week. and what was the boss (owner son-in-law, by the way) doing while my brother was running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to hold the place together and clean up boss' messes? golfing and picking out hardwood floors for his new house. so the boy decided he couldn't take it anymore and quit, complete with yelling, and an apologetic phone call a few hours later from the boss.

he has a new job now, although he hasn't started yet. more money for less responsibility (although less hours, so about the same money really), at another nice hotel MUCH closer to his house. he'll get benefits and a free meal per shift at the restaurant that's affiliated with the hotel. i think it's a hell of an improvement really, and i'm sure they'll be finding him some extra responsibility soon enough. his employers always do.

also, if all goes as planned, i'll be a redhead when i see you next. unless i'll see you in about 12 hours when you give me a ride to work, or you happen to need some craft stuff tomorrow evening.


for people finding this via google

for the last time, i don't know anything about the shoes in the lenscrafters commercials, and i don't care. although since about a freaking dozen people seem to be looking for them, i might pay attention to what the hell they look like the next time i see one of those commercials.

also, shout out to whoever is looking for a video of the state skit about eating muppets. if you find it leave me a link, because i want it too.

and to all the people looking for firehouses and churches for sale: it's good to know i'm not alone.

p.s. yes, i know i haven't updated in over a month, and i'm sorry. if you want to know what's up with me, read every other post about what's up with me, because nothing here ever seems to change.

oh, except it turns out the reason my mother has been feeling crappy is because she had severe hypertension (high blood pressure) and no one had bothered to tell her that it was dangerously high every time she's gone to the convenient care in the last few years. they have been noting it in her charts, but i guess they thought she would magically know that without being shown said chart or told about it. she's seen a regular doctor about it and is now on medicine for it, and feeling some better.

and i'm going to chicago for four days (including my birthday) at the end of this week. YAY!

oh, random note. i'm currently (for about the last hour and half) having what feels like a mild panic attack for no reason whatsoever. i haven't gone into any tight spaces or crowded places, and i haven't been thinking about anything stressful, so i don't know what the problem is. all i know is that my heart is racing and my hands are shaking. i ate a small salad a bit ago and it seemed to calm down a little, but not enough. hopefully a little more time is all i need.