yours and mine -- procrastination rules!


maybe i AM a patient person

otherwise how can you explain my not killing a woman today at work. so, this woman comes to my register today and asks if we have this stamp cleaner in a larger size bottle. i tell her that if we did it would be in the same place as the smaller one, so if she didn't see it there, then no. so she asks if we can order it in a large size. and i told her that we can only order items that we stock so unless there was an empty place for it, then no. so she decides to buy it, and this is the point where things go south.

she set the cleaner, a postcard style mailer with a coupon on it, and her credit card on the counter. i pick up the cleaner and scan it. meanwhile she picks up the mailer and starts tearing the coupon loose. then i take the coupon and scan it. meanwhile she puts her credit card away. i tell her her total and she stands there expectantly, then says that she doesn't need a bag. i tell her that that's fine, but she does need to pay me. she says that she gave me her credit card, and i tell her that she put away before i could swipe it. she says i should have swiped it before she put it away. i tell her that i was still scanning her merchandise at that time and couldn't swipe her card then. she says if i hadn't swiped it i shouldn't have given it back to her. i explain that i didn't give it back, as i never picked it up. she tells me that i should have. i explain that i was busy scanning her merchandise. she gives me a dirty look and hands me a five dollar bill. despite desperately wanted to bash her in the head with something heavy and maybe also sharp, i hand her her change and tell her to have a nice day. SHE ACTUALLY HAS THE AUDACITY TO SAY THAT IT WOULD BE BETTER IF SHE DIDN'T HAVE TO DEAL WITH STUPID PEOPLE!!!

and the most amazing part of this story? i didn't kill her! i even waited until she walked out the door to attract odd looks from the woman checking out at the next register by kicking one of the supports under my counter so hard that i knocked the phone off the hook. she pissed me off so bad i'm shaking with anger just thinking about it now, several hours later.


a day late and a dollar short

i hear tell that yesterday was delurking day (i haven't slept so it's still friday). if i don't know you're here, now your chance to say hello. if i don't know you at all, why would you hang around for this lame shit?

i also wanted to do a googleage report, but it's not massively interesting. my traffic is quite interesting geographically speaking and seriously large in quantity all of a sudden, but it seems to mostly be coming in via the blogger navbar. i'm still getting a few hits about the bmv eye exam and various glasses retailers.

someone wants to know about good places to get married in canton, ohio. i can't really help with that since i've never been to canton, or the state of ohio. i don't even remember mentioning ohio, despite the fact that one of my closest friends lives there now (but not in canton).

i got a few hits about firehouses (and churches). one was even specifically for evansville. it made me happy to think that i might have actually been marginally useful to someone wanting to know something. unfortunately, it was a pre-excursion post they hit, so not as useful as it could have been.