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super want

holy shit am i ever a terrible blogger. nothing new for damned near a year. that's just sad.

so anyway. since i don't drive and have never managed to ride a bicycle more than about 4 feet without falling over, i decided a long time ago that it would be awesome if i had an adult tricycle. specifically a recumbent trike because a regular trike in adult size always makes me think of old men who ride around raiding the trash for soda cans to sell. the problem with this idea is that recumbent trikes are ridiculously expensive. if i had the balancing skills of your average kindergartner, i could pick up a bike at a yard sale for like 5 bucks, but a trike is a much harder thing to find, so this whole idea has been a someday sort of thing.

the other night, though, i had a serious dose of want on and decided to find out how feasible the idea of buying a trike would really be. it was pretty darned disheartening. even a used trike is way outside my price range, and no one is looking to get rid of one in my area anyway.

then i found this thing that is technically a recumbent trike, but the ultra dumbed down version. it's practically a big metal bigwheel. which honestly appeals to me because i wouldn't know what to do with a 28-speed racing trike anyway and less complicated means less maintenance. of course, it's still not cheap. the manufacturer sells them on their website for $500, which is less than half what a low priced recumbent trike like you would buy from a bicycle dealer goes for, but is still a chunk of change. i managed to find them for sale from a reputable online retailer (a csn store) for only a little more than i make in a pay period. of course, it would be $75 cheaper if i could get the slightly smaller version, and being 5'1" i totally would, except there's 30 lb. difference in the weight limit and the weight limit on the big one is about me and frank. technically it's me plus 2 franks, but since frank weighs less than a gallon of milk, a frank here or there hardly matters.

so while i still can't actually afford to buy a trike, i do now know that there is a trike that i could afford sooner than i could afford other things, like moving the hell out of my parents house. i honestly have no idea why i decided that was something i needed to blog about, except that i'm entirely too excited about it at the moment and felt like sharing.