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news and visuals

so, my brother got promoted today. technically, he got transferred to a better job at another hotel owned by the same company. they've been trying to fill the opening for a while, but he didn't apply because it requires 2 years hotel experience, which he won't have until july. so, last night when he got to work he had a message from his boss about it, as in "hey, if your interested come back at noon and i'll interview you." from the way he talks the interview basically only had two questions: "why didn't you apply?" and "do you want it?" he doesn't know yet what it pays, but has been told it will definitely pay more. he starts the new job in about 4 hours.

he also has apparently recommended me as a replacement for his old job. i'm not sure how i feel about that. it is full time and does pay more on the hour than i make. on the other hand third shift might play hell with my social schedule, and i'd have to wear a skirt (crazy sexist dress code).

on a completely different note: puppy picks!

frankie says, "pet me! pet me! no one can resist my incredible cuteness! i am soft and fuzzy!" actually, i think right about then he would have said, "hey, what's that black thing you're holding?" but the other applies pretty much any other time. just ask anyone who has met him.

bitsy would like to know if you have any food about your person. and if so, can she have it? she would be willing to whine, bark, or sit up like a prairie dog if that would make a difference. if you don't have any food, perhaps you might be interested in a nice game of fetch/tug-of-war with a stuffed hedgehog, tennis ball, or anything that squeaks and fits in her mouth? walkies would be much appreciated, but care must be taken as she can easily slip out of her collar because her head is smaller than her neck.

petey wants to know why you won't let him sleep in peace. no honestly, if you were really there he would be jumping around like a lunatic, trying to lick you all over your face and possibly would get so excited he might lose bladder control in the vicinity of your shoes/pant leg. but you weren't there. it's was only me, and i am old news, unless i have stepped outside the door for two milliseconds, then it's another story. besides, i was holding the black thing that makes the flashy light and the funny noises. funny noises will not be tolerated in pete's house. therefore, i got this wary look from the safety of his bed. and if you're wondering, yes that's a cat bed, not a dog bed, but he loves it. it's more den like with it's partial overhang. he cries and prods it with his nose if he doesn't have a blanket though, or if he's gotten his blanket down in it so he can't burrow under the covers.



mission almost accomplished

so, remember how i needed to get new glasses because mine spontaneously fell apart? i got the tax check a few weeks ago, but didn't get a chance to go shopping for them until last week. here's the story.

so, i had been planning on returning to lens crafters because even though they tend to be a tad pricey, i had an $80 off coupon that my brother gave me, and that was where i had managed to get decent frames last time after trying at least two more moderately priced stores first. but then i saw that sears optical department was running a sale for $200 off any complete pair over $300. i was excited, thinking i'd be getting glasses for 100 and something dollars, maybe as much as $250 if they had a nice pair of the ones with magnetic sunglasses in titanium. after i found a pair i liked (with the sunglasses, yes) that was tagged as costing $219 for the frames, i asked what they would run with lenses and all. $413! after the $200 off! i'm guessing that the $219 is for the frame only and they change extra for the actual sunglasses (even though they are a set), because there is no way in hell that my lenses could possibly cost $400, no matter how many special features or coatings i got.

so, figuring there was no way it could hurt to see if i could get a better price, i then tried lens crafters. unfortunately, the titanium selection in their moderately priced brands was pretty crappy. what brand were the best frames for me they had? freaking prada. so, that's $295 just for the frames. add lenses and subtract the $100 off sale they were having, and it was about the same as sears. it's true that the lady at lens crafters was really nice and helpful, and the chick at sears seemed to be only marginally familiar with what the hell she was doing. (she told me all of some certain kind of flex frames were titanium, which was not true. it's true that they contain titanium because that helps to allow them flexibility, but since i told her that i needed titanium for allergy reasons, that means i need titanium frames, not frames with some titanium content. in fact from the few pair i tried on before i figured out for myself that some of them specified titanium and this meant the other probably weren't really, i ended up with an itchy face for a couple of days.) despite that, it was true that i liked the sears frames better, so i was planning to go back for those, even though i really didn't want to pay that much, especially when i wasn't sure what the hell i was paying for since the frames were only $219.

in the interest of my bottom line, i decided to go see what they had at eyemart, even though i remember being rather disappointed in the selection of titanium frames they had last time i went glasses shopping. (still it was better than eyeglass world which as i recall had about 3 pairs, all of which were almost identical and totally sucky.) well, it seems that things have changed quite a bit in almost 6 years, as they had tons of titanium options, even a few in some of the lower price points. plus they had some really great options in another hypoallergenic choice, stainless steel, which is cheaper. (of course, i'm a freak and am actually still allergic to that, but a lot of people aren't.) i picked out a pair i liked best and had them hold them until a time when i could get an exam (the doctors got off work the same time i did that day).

today was that day. i had my eye exam, and i even managed to refrain from flinching enough that they didn't have to redo my glaucoma test. the doctor said my prescription had changed slightly, but didn't tell me what it is now (at least not in a 20/something format that i can understand.) even though i picked out one of the most expensive frames they had (i've never heard of the brand, though, so at least i'm not paying for a name, like freaking prada), and i got the ultra thin and light lenses (which cost almost 3 times what regular lenses do, but still less that regular lenses at lens crafters), and there was an extra charge for my left eye being really bad, and i popped for all the extra coatings (scratch protection and uv), i only had to pay $321. at that included the exam, which would have cost an extra 50 bucks at either of the other places. now, that is what i expected glasses to cost. unfortunately, i won't get them until next week because they didn't have my right lens in stock so they have to order one before they can make my glasses.

so, do they have an attached pair of awesome magnetic sunglasses, which i might remember to carry with me, unlike the bulky pair that i have to switch for my regular glasses? no. are they an awesome gunmetal grey/pewter color? no. will there actually be a noticeable contrast between the matte black coating and the metal underneath when the acids in my face eat said coating off? yes, but if i have to i can cover it with sharpie marker. are those drawbacks made up for by the $150 dollars less i paid for them? you bet your ass. honestly, the $413 at sears would have been fairly palatable since those were some damned good frames, except a) that was after $200 off (i mean $600 glasses, wtf?) and b) they totally sprung something on me somewhere cost wise (how does $219 jump to $613 that fast?) besides, i'm sure that didn't include any extra charges they would have added for my bad eye or any coating i might have wanted. i can always get a pair of high end clip-ons if i feel the urge. eyemart carries the exact same ones we had at sunglass works (umpteen shapes and six or eight colors so they can come pretty close to matching most frames.) i don't know what they charge for them, but we were asking $40, and it can't be that much different. it has to beat the $200 or so it must have been for the ones at sears.

on another subject, while i was at sears not buying glasses, i did get 3 new pairs of shoes. only $40 for all of them. and i got my brother a shirt for only $3, which will be a nice addition to what i've already bought him for his birthday later this month. yay for clearance!