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more tales of acquisition

if you didn't know, hottopic has been having a massive clearance blow-out sale for a while now. there were a lot of things that i wanted that sold out too fast including these two awesome jackets (if either is available in a 2x when you click on it, buy it and i'll pay you back). and despite the fact that i order it twice, i never got a ruroken shirt because it went out of stock in my size on me both times. i did get these awesome shoes, though, so i'm pretty happy.



so, what should i be this year for halloween? as much as i love my pirate outfit (thanks for the loan of the mini parret for the picture, evilducky), and need to get some more use out of it for the money i spent, i'd like to switch it up this year. my mother suggests that i be a wench, but that sounds rather uncomfortable. the best idea i've come up with so far is to be a nun, which would be funny. so, any ideas or opinions? please remember that i am poor and can't do anything custom. we're talking something i can put together from things i already own or stuff i can get on the cheap. and it has to be comfortable as party wear.



i know, i know. i've been neglecting the blog again.

so, i met the cutest kid the other day at work. we're talking if i thought i could have one like him i'd have one cute. but for every one that's super cute and awesome there are 800 who beg for candy, use the counter as a jungle gym, or poke the buttons on the credit card thing. but this kid was awesome. i swear his mom said he was 3, but he was about the size of bobby's 1.5 year old, and he didn't talk at all so i kind of wonder if he does or if he's just really quiet.

his family was checking out at the register across from mine while i was between customers and his dad was trying to get him to look at me by telling him there was another pretty girl behind him. then when he realized he had stopped staring at christine and was watching the register screen instead he called him a tube-head. so, finally he decided to look at me, and we were talking about how he looked tuckered and so-on. then he started doing body-building poses. his mom said these are his incredible hulk poses because he loves the incredible hulk and even has baby hulk pajamas (if such a thing exists we have to get baby spiderman pj's for when there's a baby badger, don't you think).

so then, his dad said some word i didn't recognize and he started doing karate moves! apparently the dad teaches karate and he picked up the moves from watching the class. they said he had just started walking when he learned the back kick, so he would put his hands down on the ground first so he wouldn't fall forward when he did it. then his dad said touchdown and he put his hands up to signal that, at which point the mom said, "i wouldn't get him a puppy so he taught the kid to do tricks." as they were leaving he gave us his two waves. his "doorknob wave" where he holds his hand out and turns it like he's turning a knob, and the other wave where he opens and closes his hand.

basically, the kid was really cute and i just thought i'd share that with everyone. so, i'm not a heartless bitch and i don't hate all kids, i just like them well trained and quiet.



token blog

so, have you ever had to get up from where you were sitting and walk into another room, only to find that the reason you were called there was to find someone's remote control, in the same room with them? then i had to go see why there was loud cussing coming from the shower (almost used up bar of soap). whatever would they do if i actually had enough money to move out?