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i won the lottery!

okay, not exactly. i did win money playing the lottery, though. how much, you ask? $3. with it i bought... one each powerball and hoosier lottery tickets for the next drawing, and i kicked in with my mother to buy a book of stamps. exciting isn't it?

by the way, earlier there were swat team guys prowling around my front yard. according to the next door neighbor, who called to tell us so that we didn't find out by walking out there for a puppy potty break, the guy across the street had some guy at his house who was drunk with a gun. i'll give you details later if i find any out. as of right now there's still one police vehicle out there shining a spot light on the house, but the other cops seem to have left. i don't know if that means they captured him, he ran away, or they just lost interest. it's just weird to think that we had some swat cop leaning on the truck hood with a rifle.


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boring tidbits

it's about time i made a post, but i don't have anything cool to post about so all you get a brief list of what's new with me.

i have a new pirate monkey picture. yay! this one isn't as cool as the last one, but i was getting bored of the monkey and crossbones.

the jeep is fixed. we got it back tuesday. the warranty company didn't pay so we had to go with a used engine to save a couple grand.

bobby bought a new investment house and i've been helping out in order to make a little extra money (since i currently have the most part-time part-time job of my life). i spent several days using plyers to pull staples out of the hardwood floors so they can refinish them. now chris and i are working on dethatching the yard. the pay sucks, but money's money.

sallie mae's going to want thier money starting next month. i need a better/another job.

i had a missed call the other day from my old boss (well, actually the owner, not my direct boss). he didn't leave a message, but i left one when i called him back. carol said he was thinking about reopening, so if i can ever get ahold of him perhaps he wants to give me a job. since i'm out of school now i might even be able to swing being manager. that would be boring (slower paced than the current job), but i wouldn't have to worry about not getting enough hours.


to graduate or...

ok, well i already graduated, as in finished all the classes for a degree. what i'm trying to decide is if i want to go to my own graduation. on the one hand, i already took off work for it (although i'm going to a party that night anyway, but it sounds so much better to tell my boss i have commencement) and it seems like i should go for closure. on the other hand, it's gonna be so long and boring and crowded, plus i don't know anybody else who'll be walking this year. oh, and i'd have to dress up, so add uncomfortable and hot. i've put off buying my cap and gown so long that i don't know if i'll be able to get one that fits, although i have to buy one no matter what so my mother can take pictures of me in it.

so really it comes down to several hours of uncomfortable, torturous bordom, or having to lie when my boss asks me how it was. i'm still thinking on it.



too lazy to write an actual post

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