yours and mine -- procrastination rules!


take me somewhere, please. this is just sad.

and i've only barely been to three of those states. i've only been to st. louis is missouri, barely across the border into georgia from tennessee, and i was once in a park that was in kentucky, tennessee and virginia, but that's as far into virginia as i've made it.

on the plus side i did spend 10 day in england 7 years ago.


paths of entrance

now, most people who read this blog know me, in the real world even. and i get a occasional stray wanderer from one of my friends' blogs, but that's not what this post is about. this a recap of all the google searches that have led the unsuspecting person to my boring little blog.

since my last post, 5 people have now found me through various searches involving locks of love. they were searching from such places as minnesota, portugal, and canada.

several came looking for info about firehouses. someone is georgia wants to know about firehouses for sale. someone at one of our local colleges was curious about hose house # 15. and oddly enough someone from ohio was looking for an old firehouse here in e-ville, in.

some poor soul in virginia ended up here while looking for james r. duncan. but since all i know about him is that a tall man with an unkept beard lives in his house, i'm guessing they were disappointed.

also, someone in oregon wanted to know about getting the same cold twice. and someone got here looking for a local uncle mark's popcorn store. which is odd because i don't remember ever mentioning uncle mark's popcorn, though it's quite delicious and i've been know in the past to get it for my dad for christmas, although not since i started this blog.

that is all. maybe we can do this again sometime. i promise i won't bring it up again unless i get something a little more interesting.



i finally did it

i've been meaning to get my hair cut for several months, but haven't. mostly because i'm cheap and i didn't want to shell out the money. but it was just bugging me way to much, what with having to contort my arm trying to reach to brush it and all, and besides i had a coupon.

my hair had reached it's maximum length (at which breakage keeps up with growth) some time ago, like summer. if you're wondering, that length is right around the waist band of my jeans. i told him to cut it to right below my shoulders, and he did. but what he didn't know, and i didn't remember, was how much it curls when it doesn't have all that weight on it. so, now that it's dry it barely brushes my shoulders. i don't think it's been this short in years, but then again it will grow out to where i meant for it to be in no time. besides, some of the curl should fall out when i brush it (so far i've only combed it since the cut).

now i just have to figure out what to do with the foot of disembodied pony tail i have sitting on my table. anybody know the address for locks of love?

sorry no pics, but i don't have a digital camera. if anyone wants to give me one, i promise to post lot of pictures of things, like hair and shoes.


6 weird things about me

i was tagged for this a while back, but am just now getting around to it. so, i'm just going to start listing things, and if it runs over 6, we'll consider it interest for waiting so long.

"According to the rules... Each player of this game starts with the '6 Weird Things about You'. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says 'you are tagged' in their comments and tell them to read your blog!"

1. Physical - this is a lot more than one thing, but separating them would make this all i listed, so i've decided to group them.
a.) of my eight fingers (not counting thumbs) only 3 of them are straight. the other 5 all kink at the last knuckle. my pinkies kink in, as does my right ring finger, and my middle fingers kink out toward the pinkies. i get the pinkies from my uncle on my dad's side, the middles from my mom.
b.) i have too many bones in my feet. you know that one that makes a lump on the outside of your ankle? i have two of those. my brother and i both got that from my mom. this may be related to the fact that i can stand on the side of my foot with ease (either actually, though both tends to be a balance problem). it doesn't hurt, unless i'm not expecting it and put all my weight on it. then i tend to sprain it.
c.) i can move my knee caps around with my hand, as long as my leg is propped up, and it doesn't even hurt. sometimes, if i'm laying on the floor and i roll from my stomach to my side, my knee cap doesn't roll with me. that hurts like hell.
d.) i am incredibly flexible. this is easier demonstrated than explained. all i'm going to say is that the only reason i can't still put my leg behind my head is the collision of a fat thigh and a large breast.
e.) i am oddly proportioned. i was trying to measure myself for using a size chart and i learned than my ass is 14 inches larger than my waist. typically this means that my ass is a size (occasionally 2) larger than my waist. odder yet, the difference between my thigh and my waist is a mere 7 inches. i have huge thighs. also, my legs are longer than they should be for my height. this does not mean i have long legs mind you, as i'm almost 5'1", just that i have the leg length of someone who's only short instead of really short. also, are you familiar with the concept of larger bracelets for plus size woman? i don't need those, because even though i'm a big girl, my wrists are actually quite small. i have a big head, so i have to wear men's or unisex glasses and hats. i do have small ears though, so i can't wear earbud headphones and i couldn't even use children's ear plugs when i was taking swimming lessons at age 11.
f.) my toes curl under when i'm standing, so that the ends of them are what touches the ground. even though i know i'm the one who's weird, i always think other people's feet look funny because their toes lay flat.
g.) i run for shit. right now i don't run at all because i'm an obese smoker with shin splints and arthritis, but even as a scrawny child i ran really slow.
f.) even though i'm only 25, i have arthritis, and have had for over a decade. mostly in my hands and wrists, although sometimes my ankles and knees give my trouble. also, my joints pop a lot. i actually find it amusing because when i walk around barefoot and it's quiet, my ankles sound like somebody's making popcorn. i guess that's one more reason i'd make a bad ninja, can't sneak up on anybody.

2. of the five jobs i've ever had, i worked with by brother at 3 of them. the first 3, so at some point i could say i'd worked with him at all my jobs. then i got a job working for my first boss at her new job, and then working with some friends. i've never actually gotten a job where i didn't know somebody. i'm not sure why people aren't inclined to hire me without at least a reference from one of their employees.

3. i own around 40-45 pairs of shoes. this may not sound that strange for a 25 year old chick, except when you consider what they are. mostly, they're boys skate sneakers, although some are ladies skate sneakers, and also several pairs or converse chucks and doc martens, plus a few sandals. i only have like 2 pairs of dress shoes.

4. my internal clock, the one that tells you it's time to go to bed or wake up, is not set for the 24 hour day. your body is supposed to be programmed for 16 hours awake and 8 asleep, although some people seem more inclined to an 18/6. mine is set for 20-24 awake followed by 7-9 of sleep. it's not that i get involved in things and end up staying up 20 hours; i don't get tired until i've been up that long. needless to say that makes being awake at normal times a bit tricky. without a set time activity, like work, to force me to out of bed regardless of how long i've slept (3-4 hours sometimes), i will slowly cycle through getting up and going to bed later and later until i've gone full circle. right now i'm awake because i got up at 4:30 pm yesterday, after going to sleep sometime after 8 am.

5. i hate ketchup, and also mayonnaise. miracle whip is fine, but mayonnaise is disgusting. i also don't care for popcorn, or cake icing. in addition to all these things that practically everyone else eats, i also hate foods that are less popular, like most vegetables. i do like spinach in a salad, quiche, etc. i only like corn if it's on the cob. i'm okay with tomato sauce, like marinara, and sun dried tomatoes, but that's about as far as i go with the tomato.

6. i know entirely to much about construction, particularly since i don't do it. i think if i had to i could, but it's never come up. instead i just find myself supplying people with the correct terminology when they use phrases like "the little skinny pipes under the sink," or explaining the difference between hip and gable roofs, or why you use difference types of drywall for things.

7. i am a master of the long sentence. i haven't put that to much use here, at least not in this post. i do know that college professors don't seem to notice if your term paper includes two sentence paragraphs, at least not when they take up half a page or more. mind you, these aren't run-on sentences, just sentences with many clauses and a healthy dose of commas in all the right places.

8. i lack the ability to either drive a car or ride a bike. the car thing is because i have very little practice, although it doesn't help that most of that was is a car where i had enough trouble seeing over the dash that i had about a 30 foot blind spot right in front of the car. i would have seen another car or something else tall, but i couldn't see the ground, which i know for a fact makes knowing when you're in a parking spot difficult. the bike problem is a balance issue. as in my balance is so bad, it's a wonder i don't fall down more while just walking. occasionally, i lose my balance while standing still. this may have something to do with the fact that i also am an abysmal dancer, although i think that's actually from my total lack of rhythm. speaking of things i can't do worth a crap, add singing to that. unless, your into off-key. the bad part of that is, i love to sing along to music, and when i'm drunk you can add the word loud in there somewhere.

9. part of the reason i don't post more often is that it requires so much proof reading. while spell check is a huge blessing for me as a horrible speller, my typos tend to make actual words. like 'that' instead of 'the' or mixing up my 'or's, 'of's, and 'on's.

10. i like math. i'm also fairly good at it. how that can be possible when i tend to transpose numbers just trying to tell someone their total at work is anyone's guess.

i think that's enough for now. i won't be tagging 6 people, since i don't know 6 people who have blogs and haven't done this yet. instead i'll just tag sharon again, since she hasn't gotten around to it yet, either.