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birthday gift ideas

okay, so my birthday is coming up soon. now, i don't normally give hints about what i want because i kind of like finding gifts for people, but i know that not everyone feels that way, so if you're trying to think of something to give me, i would love to have this shirt. of course, i only want one of that shirt, so here are a few more ideas. if you're looking to spend a lot of money or go in together i would be happy to have any of these wonderful shoes (mens size 5). or, if you just need a little something to augment something you're already giving me, i wouldn't mind one of these. of course, if you get me something else entirely, that's a-okay with me.

if you think this post was all about me subtly trying to con people into buying me things i don't want to have to pay for myself, you are absolutely right. so as your reward here's a heads up about how you can get these shirts on clearance.




so, i've been neglecting the blog. to anyone who actually cares, sorry. anyway, what's new with me? the short answer: not much.

still working the crappy retail job. going to hit the one year mark soon. had my evaluation today. it struck me as a little odd. he said all these fabulous things to me, and all the comments on my evaluation paper were really good, and yet all of my scores were 3/5. now that's apparently 'satisfactory' or something like that, so it's a good score, but if you're going to rave about someone, you could throw in a 4 or two. maybe he's just not into handing out the high numbers.

a freaking ton of my co-workers are leaving. several of the recent high school grads are heading out for college and so forth. i'm going to miss the guy who does the ad set. not only is he nice to have around because he's so good at his job, but he's also really funny. example: one night when we were cleaning up the store after closing and he was wearing a pirate hat, he got on the intercom and said "arrr." it was much funnier than it sounds.

the project house is getting there, but if i never paint anything again i'll be very happy. we are now working on getting the trim all painted a nice crisp white, while dad puts in wood flooring in the family room.

we love katamari is a nice game, although not as fabulous as the original. i still wish i had more time to play it, though, as i rarely get control of the living room tv, where my playstation is.

i set a new personal record at the library. the other week i had to go pick up my 19 holds. i felt like an ass, and even apologized to the clerk who checked me out. what was i to do? they all came in the same day, and i picked them up several days before i HAD to, so i feel like i did what i could.

if anyone wants to go bowling, we got a massive amount of free game coupons the other night at denny's. you still have to pay for shoes, and i haven't had a chance to check the website listed on them to see where locally you can use them, but free is always good, right?

well, there might be more, but i can't think of it right now. besides i have to get to bed because i actually work in the morning tomorrow.

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