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i apologize

so, i just realized i hadn't posted in about a month and a half. that's horrible. so, now i've added a few interesting fluff posts, but here's one for to tell you what is new with me.

since you've last heard from me i've been to two small amusement parks, without getting sunburned hardly at all. i swear i have never ever gotten sunburned anywhere else, but every time i go to our local amusement park, holiday world, it's a battle between the sun and my spf 50, the outcome of which is uncertain. the other park i visited was beech bend in bowling green, where i briefly attended college and never knew there was an amusement park. i had fun but wasn't extremely impressed. if you ever go, i recommend hiding beverages somewhere on your person (and leaving for lunch) because in addition to being outrageously expensive the portions are pitiful.

we finished the latest project house, the one for the money guy's grandmother. i think it turned out nicely. mom's on the lookout for a new one for him to make some profit on.

this week and next at my job i'll be doing a job that isn't mine and technically outranks me, because one of the woman who actually does it has run away to florida with her family for 9 days. i can't complain about doing a job i'm not getting paid for, though, because even though i do make less that any of the three people who actually hold the position, it's not by much, since i just got a 56 cent raise. my manager didn't say why, but i'm guessing this has something to do with working in the cash office sometimes. i don't want to get too greedy, but since i still make crap wages, i may make some inquires about a few more cents closer to my impending two year anniversary.

speaking of work, can i just say that i think it's sad and wrong that we already have fall floral, halloween starts arriving tomorrow and the first christmas stuff will be coming in mid-july.

sadly, that's about all that is new with me. hopefully it won't take quite as long before another new post is forthcoming. also, this post will finally bump the last of my excursion posts off the main page, so here's a fond farewell from me to them.

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someone in germany is stalking me

no, really. someone in hamburg was looking for rabidmonkey. and someone with a mac somewhere in america actually did a blog search for my blog. why i could not say.

most of my search hits have been about glasses ever since i chronicled the purchase of my new ones. some gems out of those are: where are the shoes from on the lens crafter commercial, unlevel ears (from singapore, and i'm hoping this was about glasses on their end too, not some odd fetish), and how to beat the bmv eye exam (note: be very aware if driving near canton ohio, because someone there wants to drive without being able to see.)

almost all of my other search hits have some connection to my posts about old buildings. several are out-of-towners looking for things here in my hometown. someone is seattle was looking for the upstage dinner theater in evansville (hmm...i know someone who lives in seattle but is from here, wouldn't that be an interesting coincidence.) someone is florida is interested in haynie's corner here in town, and down in georgia there's interest in the old marine hospital (well, they didn't say old, but we don't have a new one.) there's also some interest in buildings for sale, specifically firehouses in kentucky and evansville, and churches in chicago and washington (state i'm guessing, since the person looking is there).

one building search (firehouse bassemier) reminded me of something. a little while ago i was poking around old local news articles (this involves in a roundabout way the local library and my personal librarian, so thanx). now, i think i've mentioned before that hose house 12 on first ave. used to be a bassemier's store. in addition the guy who owns bassemier's (i think you can guess his last name) also used to own #8 on columbia, and as some point was hoping to make a restaurant there with his brother, although it seems that never panned out. funny thing about it is he had some zoning trouble (totally unrelated to the restaurant idea). it seems that an old firehouse automatically reverts to residential zoning when the fire department stops using it. also, you can't park large commercial vehicles in a residential zoned area. so what did he own that he had trouble for parking at his firehouse? a decommissioned fire truck.


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