yours and mine -- procrastination rules!


fucking shoot me

first, i'm going to hereby stop apologizing for or making reference to the infrequency of my posts. why? because if i apologize every time it's been over a month since i posted, i'll apologize every post. besides, i keep doing it, so i can't really be that sorry, can i?

second, i either need to stop hanging out with people who think dinner takes place around 5:30-6:00, or stop living with people who think dinner takes place around 8:00-9:00. honestly, since neither of these things is going to happen, i need to start thinking about it more, and take action to make sure i get to eat at some point. see, the other day i was meeting my girls at 7:00 to watch some cool celtic music. dinner at my house was not even in the works, and i didn't think about the fact that everyone i was with would have already had it until it was too late to go buy myself some before the concert. suffice it to say that by the time the musical portion of my evening was over, i was seriously hungry (my lunch having been a hot dog around 3). i was also starting to get a headache, which i assumed was because i hadn't eaten.

so we all went back to the bibliophile's house, where i had an integral role in the decimation of a package of hawaiian rolls, and then did some baby shower planning, followed by group bookshelf assembly. through this my head was still aching, which i was still assuming was caused by my lack of food, because 4 rolls does not a dinner make, but it wasn't too bad and i was having a good time. then because of the discovery that one of the adjustable shelves had been put together upside down, i was bent over putting some screws in when my head started to pound very painfully, at which point i delegated the task's completion.

although the pounding stopped when i stood up, my headache starting building in strength all through the ride home and i demanded advil as soon as i walked in the door. unfortunately for me, the advil did NOTHING to help, not even reversing the building of pain. i tried to eat something, but the chewing only made the pain worse. i specifically remember wanting to cry but knowing that would only make it worse, so i managed to hold back on that particular urge. unfortunately that was the extent of my holding back skills.

hello second migraine headache in my life. if only you had been like the first one and been identified in time for me to go to sleep and miss the part where you grew until i the throbbing got so bad i thought the top of my head would blow off and spew grey matter all over my walls. that's about the time i threw up. after that it slacked off enough that i thought it best to get to sleep before it built up again.

so, in recap, tuesday night i had no dinner, but i had fun, and then i really, really didn't.