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christmas update 2.0

well, batches 3 and 4 of 6 batches of fudge are mostly set and will be ready for cutting by morning. truffles making is planned for saturday after work. mini muffins are made for the christmas feed tomorrow at work, although additional mini muffins may or may not be made in the morning. shopping has progressed very little.

it's beginning to look a lot like the ornament project is a complete wash. i bought 18 ornament to paint. i have painted 9 of them. it looks like two of them might be dry enough for the tops to go back on by the time i need them to be ready. so, um, maybe they'll be dry by next christmas?


my boys

my fuzzy boy had another seizure today while i was at work. it's been about 6 or 7 months since his last one, and i'm not sure if i should take him in and get him medicated for it or not. is it worth making him take medicine every day to prevent something that might happen twice a year?

the seizure itself only lasts about half a minute, but then he's wobbly on his feet for a while, and his gums and tongue go really pale, and he throws up afterword. and he's not graceful at that. i'm sure you don't want details, but he's pathetic when he hurks, and he needs a napkin. just imagine if your whole face was covered in long hair when that happens to you. but then again within a hour it's like the whole thing never even took place. he's his usual hoppy self. and if you've met him you know that's not a typo.

another bit of news. earlier tonight my brother and his girlfriend took us and her family out to dinner for christmas instead of buying individual presents. at dinner, they announced that they haven't set a date yet, but they're going to get married. mom and i are hoping for a small ceremony (like 10 people including the justice of the peace), but they're talking about just going to the court house, with maybe a party later. we really like her (and her family too, or at least the ones we've met), and honestly i like him better since they got together. she's really good for him, as far as encouraging his art and not enabling his immature and destructive impulses. she even gets along great with most of his friends, which considering some of the boy's friends is saying something. plus, not meaning to be shallow, but she has her own car and the ability to hold a job, which is more than could be said for a lot of the girls he's been involved with.

well, that's it for now. gotta sleep and whatnot.


christmas update

so, about getting ready for christmas. so far i have gifts for the dogs and my father. i have no idea what to get mom, and i think i'll get the brother and his woman a gift card for going out to dinner, but haven't picked a restaurant or purchased it. i normally get a small gift for monk (the brother's dog), but am not sure if it would be fair to do so and not get anything for the other 2 dogs now living there. i did see the perfect thing for him, though. you can get a fairly realistic squirrel, and i've seen the boy sit in the window and bark at squirrels in the side yard. i know it must sound really weird to put this much effort into gifts for a dog, but i'm not the only one who has told my parents that the only grandchildren they'll be getting will be furry and four-legged.

as far as the 4 birthday gifts i need in time for the christmas party. the big project is totally complete, except that i realized earlier that after augmenting it, i think i put it back in the box wrong. i may decide to fix that. for someone else i have purchased a gift, but intend to purchase an additional and similar gift and give them together. for yet another person i found the perfect gift by accident, but it's a) out of stock in the appropriate size and b) out of my price range. found a decent alternative along the same lines, but with shipping it's still a bit outside the price range and i'm not sure it would be here in time. so, i'm basically at square one there. that leave just one more person to gift, for which i am totally lost.

otherwise, my cards are sent and my mail project will be boxed tonight and sent tomorrow before work. i'm hopeful that will be soon enough to reach there destinations in time. my ornaments are killing me on drying time, but i'm hoping to prevail there.

work has been getting more and more retarded by the day. tonight, despite requisitioning and getting a dedicated cashier to stay on register, at 9:00 i had only been able to get off register long enough to straighten two small grids. by closing (at 10) i still hadn't swept. enough people were coming to the doors after closing that we couldn't leave them unlocked while carts were rounded up. instead someone stood inside to unlock them and let the manager push carts in. this included someone who pulled up across the only spot in the sidewalk that slopes, allowing for the pushing up of carts, then sat there while a passenger sauntered up to check our hours. needless to say they were severely tempting said manager to ram into them with a row of carts, but she was able to restrain herself until they moved allowing her to come in and yell obscenities about them. the "eat me" fudge (so named because it was in an unassuming container with a post-it note labeled "eat me!") went over well. honestly, though, i'm not how much of it got eaten by anyone other that the closing manager and my favorite experienced cashier. i know the two of them hit it pretty hard.

i'm seriously not looking forward to next week, when we will be open until 11:00. especially since i close friday night and then have to be back at 7:00 saturday morning to count money. in fact, in addition to being against company rules about having a register the day before being in the cash office (which my store manager seems to have totally thrown by the wayside), i'm also pretty sure that's a violation of labor laws, since there's only 7.5 hours between my shifts, and i think there are supposed to be at least 8. oh well, money's money, eh?

that is all for now.

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i've resisted putting in a word verification for comments, because i hate having to verify that i am indeed a person on everyone else's blog. also, for reasons unknown i seem to have problems with them and sometimes have to do two because i got the first one wrong.

unfortunately, thanks to some damned spammer named adam, i've been forced to put in verification. he posted no less than 6 of the exact same comment on my last post. unfortunately no one else commented. have you all forgotten about me because of my infrequent posts?


okay, i suck big time

holy crap. i managed to avoid posting entirely in the month of november. geeze, i know i'm bad about not posting, but even i know that's not good.

sadder yet, i still don't really have anything to post about. i've got a few projects in the works, most of which i can't talk about because i don't want various parties who might read this to know about them. i will say that if i asked you to do something for me toward a gift for someone else, i'm sorry i haven't gotten you the roughs yet, i will soon i promise. and if you know what the surprise mail project is, i've got all my supplies and am planning to make major progress on that thursday, since that's my day off this week. i was going to do it today, but that turned out to not be my day off. then, at some point i need to make use of all the supplies i bought saturday night, and for that matter finish the necklace i started for my brother's girlfriend and planned to give her for her birthday back in october. it's hard to say how well my christmas/winter birthday shopping is going. i've bought about half my christmas gifts, but have no idea what to get for the rest of them or any of my winter birthdays (aside from the above mentioned project not involving the usps).

work has been insane, mostly because i don't have the good sense not to work in retail at christmas time. i swear today while trying to get from the front of the store to the back of the store i was stopped no less than eight times. oddly enough that particular trip it was all customers. i quite often get stopped and asked questions by employees, including saturday night while i was shopping. although that was fairly understandable since it's not at all surprising that the newest framer doesn't know where to find things outside his department.

oddest thing about the new framer, he is male, not old, not jail bait, and doesn't seem to be gay. this is quite unusual for the craft store. in other news, our young guy of indeterminate preference is home from art school for christmas and decided to work over break. i like it when people come back to work, but i don't know why. i guess it's nice to see a familiar face.

well, that's all i've got for now and i promise to make every effort to post again before the new year.